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Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Tests and Eye Care

Southern Optical Ltd. is a full-service optical shop in Lethbridge, available to help with your vision and lifestyle needs. We provide an extensive range of specified optical services, including extensive eye tests, contact lens fitting consultations, artificial eye fittings, quick and convenient repairs and adjustments and more. We stay up to date with the most innovative and advanced techniques to provide efficient service while ensuring the highest quality control. We offer the following products and services:

Read more for frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How often should I have my eyes checked?
    A. This depends on your age and medical conditions. Generally, if you are under the age of 18 or over the age of 65, you should have your eyes checked every year. Between the ages of 19 and 64, every two years should be enough. If you have medical conditions, such as diabetes or a family history of glaucoma or macular degeneration, more frequent checks may be necessary.
  • Q. What is a digital eye test and how is it different from what my OPTOMETRIST does?
    A. Your OPTOMETRIST typically does refraction with a manual machine, leaving room for human error. With digital eye tests, your previous glasses are scanned and input into the computer. Your eye is scanned, giving an objective reading of your eyes' refractive error, and the computer program measures your subjective responses versus your current glasses and eye scan data. With this output, an extremely accurate prescription is produced. There is no need to dilate your eye for this process, and you can compare your new prescription to your old prescription immediately.
  • Q. How do you test my eye pressure without a puff of air?
    A. We use the latest digital technology called transdermal tonometry, which is done on the outside of the closed lid. The air puff is older technology which is considered inaccurate due to the blink response associated with the discomfort it produces. In clinics, transdermal tonometry has proven to be as accurate as the Goldmann tonometer which is the industry standard.
  • Q. Do you offer promotions?
    A. Our promotions keep changing. Please visit us or call for more details!
  • Q. Do you offer direct billing?
    A. Yes, we offer direct billing for most providers. Please ask for more details.

What to Expect?

With the combination of high-level professional care and personal service, Southern Optical Ltd. offers the residents of Lethbridge and surrounding areas a commitment to the best ocular care solutions. A lot of people are nervous and skeptical about taking eye tests. We understand your concern. Therefore, to make you feel more comfortable, we want to list out a few things that you can expect when visiting our optical centre.

eye exam

Eye Test

Your optician will conduct an eye test to determine your vision. We perform digital eye tests without the use of puffs or drops. Our eye tests are quick and easy. They are necessary to determine your visual perception abilities and find the best fitting glasses or lens.

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After you are done with your eye test, your optician will recommend a few solutions for your problems. For vision-related issues, you can choose from our wide range of designer spectacles and contact lenses. Our staff will be happy to help you with suggestions for glasses that best suit your face.

contact lenses

Selection of Frame/Lenses

We offer you a wide array of prescription glasses and designer sunglasses. We understand that every individual has unique needs. Therefore, we have over 800 brands of designer eyewear. You can choose the spectacles that best suit your face and personality from our huge collection.



After you have decided upon your choice of eyewear, we take the necessary measurements so that your glasses fit you perfectly. We have dedicated staff to make your glasses. Your glasses may take a few days to get ready.



You can pick up your glasses after trying them on once they are ready. We would be happy to help you with fitting if there are any issues. You can visit us later also if you wish to get the fitting altered.

Direct Billing

Southern Optical Ltd. is your trusted optician in Lethbridge. For your convenience, we do direct billing with many insurance providers. Below is a list of the insurance providers we work with:

Blue Cross
Sun Life
Canada Life
Great West Life
Alberta Government
Green Shield

And many more!


Support Local

The local businesses need your support now more than ever, trust us to provide you with the highest quality service.

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